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Families On Mission: Digital Resources to Support You

If you are looking for a digital resource to add another element with your FamiliesOnMission plan for tonight, here are three options from RightNowMedia (sign up for free here if you haven’t done so yet). Each of these goes with the first question of the New City Catechism: What is my only hope in life and death?

For a group with younger kids (up to age 10), this episode of The Emily Elephant Show could be quite useful. It uses the Bible to explore the reality that we are special to God because we belong to Him. 

For a group of with older kids and pre-teens, this video of Corrie Ten Boom’s life could be a good fit. Note that it is for kids, but is, at the same time, pretty intense because of the racial persecution, concentration camps, etc. If your group has older kids who can handle the content, you can really see how Corrie wrestles with what it means to hope in God through a hard life and the presence of death. 

Finally, if your group is mostly adults or teens, here is the curriculum video for Question 1 of the catechism. It is short and well done. 

Depending on how you structure the night, a video can help add depth and purpose to the time beyond your reading, praying, and singing. There is no pressure to use a video (it is good to keep things simple), but I did want to make sure to share this resource in case it helps.



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