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Your Family & Families On Mission (5/1)

FamiliesOnMission is happening on 5/1. The purpose of FoM is to jumpstart and normalize Christian disciplines in our families. At this last FoM, we’re giving you the tools and time to jump into a summer season of family-discipleship. And our desire is build on that in the Fall with a curriculum that leans more into the role of faith at home. But more on that later. 

So what are we doing for the 5/1 FamiliesOnMission? Instead of going to KidsOnMission, Elevate, or a life group, the night of 5/1 will be a chance for kids, youth, and parents to have a fun, Bible driven family-discipleship together in their own homes. The idea is not to be flashy or to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but to start making family-discipleship more normal in our homes. So we want families to eat, interact with Scripture, pray, and have fun together.

How can you get the materials? We will have everything families need out in the Hub on 4/24 (Wednesday) and 4/28 (Sunday). On one of those days, please pick up what you need for your family. That will give you enough time to be ready for 5/1.

Why are we doing this instead of KidsOnMission, Elevate, or Life Groups on 5/1? Because we understand that families are busy and often not together. It takes time and intentionality to have meaningful devotional times together. This is especially true for families that aren’t in the habit of regular family worship yet. So we are giving families the gift of time (the night of 5/1) and a plan so that they can jumpstart and normalize family discipleship in their homes.

A note to parents: I’ve quoted Joel Beeke before, saying, “Family worship is invaluable… I can say to you that family worship time is the most important thing I do in my life.” God has given you your kids so that you can make disciples of them. You are their most important Bible teacher. You are the person God picked to show them how to read and study the Bible. You are the person He chose to show them how to pray and worship. Make the most of this night as a family. God has called you; He will equip you for the most important thing you do.

A final note to parents: The night doesn't have to be perfect or look like the staged-picture below to be a success. Your house might be messy. Your kids might be tired. The night could have hiccup after hiccup. Real life is messy. But if 5/1 allows your family to pray and read the Bible together this one time, that is a win. And if it jumpstarts more, that is a a BIG win for you, your kids, and the church.



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