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3/13: A Music and Movie Night of Biblical Awesomeness

During KidsOnMission on 3/13, we will be having a special, musical event. It is going to be meaningful and fun!

Why? We want our kids to grow in their understanding of the Bible, the gospel, and what it looks like to live the Christian life. And know that music can help that stick in their minds throughout their lives.

What? Kids will arrive as usual around 6pm. After dinner (6:30), Elementary and PreK kids will come together in the sanctuary (in separate sections) for a short Bible lesson and  four songs. Here are the songs and their specific purposes:

Purpose: Knowing the gospel from the Bible 

Purpose: Knowing how to tell the gospel story 

Song: Lord, I Lift Your Name on High 

Purpose: Knowing how to understand and read the Bible 

Purpose: Knowing what it looks like to live as a Christian 

At around 7pm, the PreK kids leave the sanctuary and will head back to their normal lesson and game time. The elementary kids will get a short break and then we will watch the beginning of this Easter movie (stopping at 44:40). Then we will discuss what it means to pick up your cross and follow Jesus no matter what (Matt 16:24-26).

Then at 8pm, parents will come to pick up their kids. My hope is that links to these songs will help parents reinforce them at home. And if elementary parents would like to finish the movie (or read the rest of the gospel story) with their kids at home and talk about the gospel, we want to put you in position to do that.



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