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How can I pray for you? For your family?

Pastors pray for their people. Acts 6:4 directs our attention toward “prayer and the ministry of the word.” And it is my joy to pray for you. Click the button below to contact me with prayer-requests for your family, kids, challenges, decisions, praises, or whatever else is on your heart.

- Kelly

Interested in serving with kids? Start here.

We share our lessons, videos, other resources with parents. Take the tools we share and use them at home, in the car, at bedtime, and around meals. Read the stories. Sing the songs. Ask questions. Have discussions. Pray. Do it before Sunday. Do it after Sunday. Do it all the time (Deut 6:5-9). 

Our biggest role is supporting parents in discipling their kids. 


Kids' Schedule + Parent Partnership Resources


Resources We Use

Kids are shaped by the family and the local church.

  • God has called the church to make disciples (Matt 28, Acts 1).

  • God has called the family to make disciples (Deut 6, Prov 1). 

  • Let's do this together! (1 Cor 12).

You can do it. We can help

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