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2 Improvements for Kids On Mission

KidsOnMission is off to a great start in 2024! We are always looking to improve, and there are a couple specific innovations that I wanted to bring to your attention. 

1) We have launched a new Bible-study just for our 5th-graders. They are meeting in a small group to open the Bible together, read it, study it, discuss it, and apply it as young theologians. It was exciting to see their enthusiasm during the first meeting. And I could not be more excited about the adults that we have leading that group. This type of study will help prep them to graduate from elementary school with stronger skills in studying the Word, greater knowledge of what the Bible teaches, and a deeper appreciation for learning in a small-group community. Very cool!

2) Families can now pay for dinner for the whole semester online. Just click here and follow the instructions. Sometimes it can be a hassle to remember cash and to handle that during drop-off. We are hoping that this option can simplify that for families. 

And as you know, we love to share all of our resources with parents. Here are all the Wednesday lessons for this Spring. We share all of this because we believe that you are the primary disciple-makers for your children. And since God has called you to lead them toward Christ, we want to equip you to do that well.



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