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Start + Parent Partnership

You might be surprised by how much impact you can have with a little intentionality.

Our three-year-olds love that we read “the big, blue Bible” every night before bed. It doesn’t take much to get into a routine. And now, they have big parts of the Bible stories memorized. They love to help us tell the stories. And they love to tell them to others when they visit. Is it because we are doing something difficult? No. Is it because we have some special system? Not really. We just try to open the Bible that our church uses in the PreK ministry and go with it. That is why our church shares Parent Partnership info with you each week.

If parents know what their kids are learning, and if the parents have access to the resources the kids are using, they can make a strong, consistent connection between the church and home. That is why we share songs, Bible stories, questions, and videos. Every parent can partner with us to bring discipleship home. You can do it. Start small. Just start. Look below to find everything you need this week.

Parent Partnership: Sunday (6/11/23)

Why does Sandhurst share our lessons, videos, songs, and questions with parents? For action. Parents are the primary disciplers of their children, so we want to put you in the best position to do that. Take the tools we share and use them at home, in the car, at bedtime, and around meals. Read the stories. Sing the songs. Ask questions. Have discussions. Pray. Do it before Sunday. Do it after Sunday. Do it all the time (Deut 6:5-9). Since this is a partnership, we use shareable resources that we want you to use at home: RightNowMedia (free) for teaching, The Bible App for Kids (free), Planning Center Services (free), and The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible.

Here’s what we’ll teach on Sunday. We’re excited that you will teach it and bring it to life at home!
  • Preschoolers will continue moving through the The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible. We are looking at Story 23: Jeremiah Is Thrown Into a Pit. And we’ll sing Gen 1:1-3.

  • Elementary students will dig into1 Peter 1:1. Here is the teaching video and lesson.

Family Prayer Prompt: Lord, we know that this world is messed up in lots of ways. But we thank you that this world is not our home. People here can misunderstand us. Things here can hurt us. However, we know that promise to make all things right one day. And until then, we know that you are always with us.


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