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KidsOnMission FAQs (Fall 2023)

KidsOnMission is something you don’t want your kids to miss! Here are some the of the key things you need to know. If you have other questions, just email

When does it start?

We begin on 8/16! The event starts at 6pm and pick-up is at 8pm.

What do kids do?

Elementary and preK kids engage in a fun, Bible-driven experience. Stories from Scripture. Learning about missions. Bible memory for elementary. And tons and tons of fun! We also have a nursery for kids 6-36 months where kids are loved and prayed for in a gospel-environment. Parent resources for every lesson can be found here.

What is the point?

We are working to make little Bible people. We are unable to bring kids to Christ but, through the Bible, we can bring Christ to the kids. 2 Tim 3:14-17 says that the Scriptures are able to make people wise for salvation and to equip them for every good work. So all of our events exist to help kids grow into Bible-kids—knowing, understanding, and loving the Bible so that they can encounter the God of the Bible.

Who can come?

The nursery (6-36 months) and preK (3 years-4k) are open only for those whose parents are in a life group or who are serving in a church ministry on Wednesday nights. But our elementary program is open to all.

How much does it cost?

The only cost is for dinner. This is $7/family or $3/kids (whichever is less). So a family with three kids would pay $7 and a family with two kids would pay $6.

What is the schedule?

You can see the whole schedule here. Notice the special FamiliesOnMission nights. These are special whole family events that are not happening at the church building.

What about Kids Choir?

Kids Choir starts on 8/23 (5:15-6:00) and is open to all elementary (5k-5th grade) kids. Sign up here.


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