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9/6 = OCC FamiliesOnMission

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

On 9/6, a special event will take the place of our regularly scheduled life groups and KidsOnMission. Make sure to read all the details below (maybe even discuss them in your life-group) about this great opportunity to make an impact.

We are Shopping and Packing for Operation Christmas Child... through our Life-Groups. We are calling this "FamiliesOnMission."

Huh? The idea is that for this evening, we will get out of the church building and homes and into the community for an active, missional, fun time! While this is a great time for all life-groups, it is especially great for families. Parents get a chance to lead their kids in the missional life that God calls all Christians (regardless of age to). And it is great for kids too because they get to experience a missional experience beyond the walls of the church building.

So what are we doing? We are going together as life-groups and families to purchase items and pack Operation Christmas Child (OCC) shoeboxes. Why? Because we believe in loving our neighbors around the world with kindness through gifts, and especially through the gospel.

But why are we doing this in our life-groups/families instead of at the church building? We want to help our church take a meaningful missions opportunity. We believe in missions around the world and next door. And this is a chance for every group to make an international impact and get out into our community. It's good for everyone. But, again, it is especially valuable for families. We want kids to get to see their parents leading them on mission. And we want the kids to see a the call of Christ impacting their families beyond an at-church event. And we want to empower parents for that kind of discipleship.

What about people who don't have kids at church? They are still encouraged to pick up a box and participate. Again, we are trying to help the kids learn to do what God calls all Christians to do... and a part of that is seeing people other than their parents participate as well. Additionally, parents in your group might really appreciate your assistance throughout the night. This is a great time to build relationships with the kids.

What if a group doesn't meet on Wednesday nights? No problem! Just do this at your regularly scheduled group-time.

How will the night look?

6:00-6:30. Gather and Eat. You can choose to do this in a home (if your group has a suitable space) or a fast-food restaurant (with a play-place if you have kids) or a park. This is ideal group/family bonding time.

6:30-6:45. Share the mission: we want people know Jesus. You can show this video on your phone. You can have kids do this activity. Or if your family is comfortable with this kind of tech, you can have your kids play a game on the app that OCC has developed. And you can have someone share about why this missions-opportunity is meaningful.

6:45-7:40. Shop. Head to your favorite box-store and get the things on your packing list. Try to involve the kids and the group. (If going out to a store seems too crazy, another option is to order what you need ahead of time from Amazon or another retailer. Then you can all assemble the boxes at someone's home.)

7:40-7:50. Pray for the kids and communities receiving the boxes. Encourage kids to pray too.

7:50-8:00. All done :)

Who gets the boxes/labels? Where are they? Boxes and labels are next to the hub. Please take as many as you or your family will use. On 9/6, everyone should bring the box(es) that they already picked up from the hub.

Where do we bring the boxes when they are done? Bring them to the steps of the stage in the sanctuary on Sunday or during the week.

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