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Parent Partnership: Wednesday (12/21/22) and Sunday (12/25/22)

Everything a parent needs to build on what we teach at church this week is here. You’ll find the Scripture passages, the specific pages in our children’s Bible, the teaching video, and some questions to use at home. Thanks for leading your kids into the Word of God. Read with them. Pray with them. It will matter.

Volunteer team-members can find lessons and other specifics by logging into Planning Center Services. Once you’ve logged in, just click the date you are serving, and you will find everything you need.

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On Wednesday, we don’t have Kids on Mission this week. But we will be back on 1/4/23. But even though we aren’t meeting at the church building, I am praying for you as you minister in your homes and with your families.

On Saturday (at 5pm) and on Sunday (at 10:15am), we will have our Christmas Eve and Christmas services. These will be amazing times of worship, learning, and celebration for the whole family. Everyone will be together for these events. There are no KidsGathering, PreK-Gathering, nursery, or Sunday School events on these dates. But we will be back on 1/1/23. The major difference on the morning of 1/1 is that the 3rd-5th grade Sunday School class will participate with the Sandhurst U classes in a reflection time in the gym.

  • Preschool-parents, this is a great time to start using your Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible. We will be using it extensively and consistently in 2023, and you can get a headstart on it now. Try out Stories 27-29 (pages 158-175). These cover the big elements of the Christmas account in Scripture.

  • Elementary-parents, I would encourage you to read Luke 2, Matthew 2, and Isaiah 9:1-7 with your kids this week. Reading the Word is powerful. Give God’s voice a prime spot in your Christmas celebration.

Note: I recommend that you tie your Bible time to another event in your home. If your preschoolers have a bedtime routine, make the Bible a bedtime story. If you rest, why not rest on the Word? After all, we truly find our rest in God (Ps 62). Elementary parents might find success in reading just a little Scripture at breakfast or dinner. If you eat, why not also feast on the Word? After all, Jesus tells us that we aren’t sustained by coffee and oatmeal alone, but by every word from God’s mouth (Matt 4:4).

Family Prayer Prompt: God, you are glorious. When you came to earth, angels celebrated and kings brought you gifts. Help us to praise you with our whole-hearts and to offer you teh best that we have. Give us a shepherd-like passion to come and spend time at the manger to marvel at your work this Christmas.


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