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Man-Enough to Serve with Kids?

A building is on fire and there are people stuck inside. What do firefighters do? They use all of their training, skills, experience, and equipment to save those in the building. Firefighters go into danger, endure the heat, and seek those in need. Firefighters rescue.

Their work isn’t always glamorous. It is hot. It is uncomfortable. The timing can be pretty inconvenient. But saving lives is worth it. Did you know that 65% of firefighters in the USA are volunteers? These volunteers give of themselves and their families to do something important.

The self-sacrificing nature of firefighters is a reflection of Jesus. He gave more than anyone else. And we are all called to follow his example. But… I want to be clear: this includes men.

Our church needs men. And our kids need to see Christian men leading them toward Christ. So I want to ask men a pointed question: Would you consider joining our Wednesday night special ops team? (Ladies, we’d love to have you on the team as well.)

Who will show our boys how to be men who follow Jesus?

Who will show our girls a picture of godly, mature manhood?

Jesus said, “Pick up your cross and follow me.” That is manly language. It implies a mission, a strained-muscle challenge. Paul spoke of running the race and fighting the fight. This is sweaty language. This is boxing talk. Of course, women are called to these things too. And we need ladies and they make a massive difference. But to be a complete team, we need the men. The kids need you.

Just email Kelly to tell me if you are interested. Like the firefighter, your investment will matter.


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