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Dads, Come Lift Biblical Weights with Us.

Dads, come lift biblical and theological weights with us on Tuesdays at 6:15am starting on 8/15. You need to be strong. For your faith. And for the faith of your family. They are depending on you.

Lots of men wake up early to hit the gym. Why? Because they care about being in shape. They understand that life is better when their bodies are functioning well. So they set the alarm (that’s hard). They get up (that’s hard). They go somewhere early (hard). They lift heavy things (hard). They put their lungs and heart to the test (hard). Some buy special workout clothing, protein, creatine, pre-workout, post-workout, and more. Why? Because they are investing in their bodies.

Paul told Timothy that physical exercise is of some value, but godliness has value for all things (1 Tim 4:8).

So come on Tuesdays. We are going to systematically work our theological muscles together as men. We are going to wrestle with the core ideas of the faith. Why?

Because we want to be strong. We know that we will function best when we are healthy theologically. But there is more. We will also help our families best when we are healthy.

They are your team. In the NFL, linemen lift weights for their own good (they want the next big contract). But linemen also lift for the good of the quarterback. Every QB wants a strong line. And the linemen lift for the running back. Every RB wants strong blockers. And the linemen lift for the receivers. Every wide receiver wants a line that allows them time to get open.

Your lifting is an investment in your team. You are the lineman. Your strength gives your spouse a bigger, better chance for a ProBowl year. Your strength gives your kids a better chance to press through hardships and distractions as the press on toward the future.

So… come lift theological weights with us.

Who is called to be a theological leader in your home? If you're a dad, it’s you.

Who is called to disciple their kids? Dads, that is you.

Who is called to help kids answer hard questions? The Bible is pointing to you, dad.


So what will our group be called? Entrusted.

What is the point? Strengthening fathers to lead strong at home.

What will we learn? We will use the New City Catechism (free app, free online) which offers a systematic way to work through the essentials of our faith together.

Who can come? Any dad. It doesn’t matter if your kids are still at home or if your family situation is complicated. All fathers and grandfathers are welcome.

Do I need to sign up? Nope.

Do I need to bring anything? Nope. (But having a Bible and the NCC free app on your phone would be good.)

Does it cost anything? Nope.

Will it be worth it? Yes.

Should you come? Yes.


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