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4 Upcoming Events: Be in the Know

Here are four events that you and your family needs know to about!

Power Surge: At 10:15 on Sunday (7/23), we are having a special event to conclude this week of PowerUp Clubs. Don't miss it! And things don't end at the conclusion of the worship un service... that is when we will eat together and have tons of fun with bounce houses, dunk-tanks and more.

5th Sunday: During the Gathering (10:15) on 7/30, we will be having our quarterly 5th Sunday Service. This is a special family-Sunday because elementary kids get to stay in the service for the message (instead of heading out after the singing). This is a great time for saints of all ages to worship together. And for kids to be guided by parents as they learn to do what Christians do. Plus, we will be rolling out and explaining our newly updated discipline policy. You can catch a preview here.

New Group for Dads: On 8/15 (Tuesday) at 6:15am, we will be launching a brand-new group for dads at the church building. Our church is committed to equipping men to lead and serve well in their families. This is going to be different than a BOB group because there will be an intentional focus on learning biblical truth together so that we are in position to live and deliver it to that truth at home. More details to come.

Start of KidsOnMission/LifeGroups: On the evening of 8/16 (Wednesday), KidsOnMission and life groups start up for the new season. Start getting excited by looking at the schedule here.


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