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What’s New with Kids and Family Events in 2024?

Here are just a few of the exciting basics…

KidsOnMission is back! All of our lessons/resources are available here. And did you know that we are adding a special Bible study during KidsOnMission for 5th-graders? This is an exciting opportunity for them to dig into the Bible themselves and discuss it as young men and women.

FamiliesOnMission is on 2/7. This will take the place of our Wednesday night KidsOnMission event that night. We will be asking parents to lead a family-devotion at home with their family or as a part of their life group that night. Don’t worry! I know it might sound intimidating, but we will give you everything you need. Want to get a jumpstart on it? See how here.

Our Elementary KidsGathering and our PreK-Gathering meets each week during the Gathering on Sundays (10:15am). PreK kids will walk through the Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible again. And Elementary kids will work through the Old Testament in 2024 using The Biggest Story Storybook Bible. Both of these are available for discount in the Hub. And you can see all the at-home add-ons and resources here.

The nursery is continuing as a great place for babies and toddlers to be loved. This is also a great place for parents to serve together. Want to jump onto the nursery team? Get started here

Sunday School is at 9am for kids and adults. Your kids can get into the Bible at 9. And did you know… we have a parenting class called “Gospel-Minded Moms and Dads” that parents can get in on too?! 

Last but not least, we have our Entrusted dads’ group at 6:15am each Tuesday. It is one of my favorite times of each week. Dads, start the new year by getting into this.

Questions? Ideas? Email Kelly at 



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