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Trainings for Culture Building: Summer Events for KidsTeam and Parents

This summer, we are planning training events to help our kids-team build a stronger discipleship culture. We want to build a culture of: 

Respectful Obedience in the kids.

  • Each week, we tell the kids that our expectations are that they listen and obey. We want to train our team to help them do that.

Informed Teamwork in those who serve.

  • We have well over 200 people on our kids team. That is a big group. So what are the core elements that will help us work together best? 

Problem-Solving and Safety in the team.

  • With multiple events, in many environments, across a wide range of age-groups, many things can go wrong. But many issues can be avoided if we are proactive, and things are better for everyone when we respond well to accidents, errors, struggles, and more. 

The first training is on 6/12 (Wednesday) at 8-9pm in the sanctuary. The topic will be Respectful Obedience. (Register here.)

So come to find out how to talk in a away that helps kids listen and learn how to best implement our discipline policy.  

Why Wednesdays from 8-9pm? 

  • This allows couples to put their (little) kids to bed and then send one spouse to the training.

  • Many adults are already coming to the church-building at this time to pick up their (youth) kids so it’s convenient. 

  • Wednesdays are open for many families because of the year-long routine of doing church-events on that night. 



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