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Teaching, Time & Kicking + Parent Partnership

This past Wednesday kids and parents got to participate in FamiliesOnMission and wrestle with the fact that life is full of short seasons. Time is limited so we want to spend it well (Psalm 90:12). At Sandhurst, we understand that our time with kids each week is limited as well. We can’t cover every aspect of the Bible, Christianity, faith, or discipleship. So what do we focus on? Check out the picture above to see a picture of our main teaching-aims. We want our kids to learn to pursue God’s voice (his Word), God’s ear (prayer), and God’s heart (missions). Every Sunday School, Kids/PreK-Gathering, and KidsOnMission event is designed to emphasize this pursuit in a different way. We want to make every minute matter.

But I also want to remind you that at most a child can spend about five hours each week in our formal kids events. That’s a significant amount of time: 260 hours in a year. But parents have much more time to engage with their children. Imagine you have the world’s busiest schedule and can only see your kids for an average of one hour a day. That is still 365 hours per year with your child. So the floor for parents (the minimum amount of time with the kids at home) is higher than the ceiling for our church events (the maximum amount of time in our kids-programs).

And, within your family, you are able to customize your discipleship perfectly to your specific children. In a Sunday School class, your child may be one of ten. The ratio is different in your home.

We—the local church—love our part in discipling your kids. But, as Pastor Adam says, the family is the “strong foot” and the gathered church is the “weak foot.” In this soccer-analogy, we work together. Both feet are needed. But your foot is stronger. So we want to put the ball on your foot as much as possible. Your calling (as parent), your access (in the home), and your presence (daily) give you a position of unmatched influence.

So as you consider what we do as we teach, please also consider how you might partner with us at home. At FamiliesOnMission, I shared one simple prayer resource that can help you start a little rhythm at home. You might not feel like the strong foot, but you are. Just start kicking. We’re in this together.

Parent Partnership: Wednesday (3/8/23) and Sunday (3/12/23)

Everything a parent/volunteer team-member needs to know about this week is below. You’ll find the Scripture passages, the specific pages in our children’s Bible, the teaching video, and some questions to use at home. We use The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible and RightNowMedia for teaching and Planning Center Services for scheduling.

On Wednesday, we will have KidsOnMission and kids choir. Dinner is $3 for individual kids with a $7 max for families. Kids choir is at 5:15pm (for 5k-5th grade) and KidsOnMission officially starts at 6pm.
On Sunday, there are exciting things happening as well! At 9am, our kids get into the Word in Sunday School. Our kids are under the Word during the Gathering:
  • Preschoolers will continue moving through the The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible. We are looking at Story 11: Stubborn King Pharaoh Says No! (Ex 7-11)

  • Elementary students will dig into Philippians 1:19-26. Here is the teaching video and lesson.

Questions for Families to Discuss (before/after Sunday):
  • Sometimes life isn’t easy. In The Old Testament, the Egyptians didn’t free the Israelites right away. In the New Testament, Paul spent a lot of time in prison. Do hard things in life take away our joy?

  • God is bigger than Egyptian armies and stronger than prison bars. But God doesn’t always do things the way we hope. Is it easy or hard to trust God when He doesn’t follow our plans? Why?

  • What can you do to grow in your faith? Are there adjustments that you could make to your life that could give you more joyful confidence in God?

Family Prayer Prompt: Lord, we want the joy that comes from knowing and trusting you. You are the biggest. You are the strongest. And you love your people perfectly. Help us live in a way that pushes us toward greater and greater trust. You are faithful!


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