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What is secret church about?

Jonah is a literary masterpiece that has inspired authors, painters, poets, and musicians. But far from being some fairy tale about a fish, it’s a real story with surprising relevance for our lives and the world we’re living in right now. Together we will take a 6-hour deep dive into this book.

PRAYER: We will have an exclusive opportunity from inside Iran to learn about how the Lord is awakening many people and growing his Church despite incredible challenges. Together we’ll join with what God is doing in Iran through our prayers. And together we’ll give to work not just in Iran, but in other countries where Christians are being persecuted, like Yemen and Syria and North Korea.

ACTION: We will be challenged to live on mission—in our neighborhoods and to the nations.

What are the details for the event?

Things start promptly at 7 pm on Friday, April 21st in the balcony of the Sanctuary.  Dress comfortably, we’ll be there until 1 am the next morning. A study guide will be provided but bring something to write with and a notepad for notes.  Snacks & drinks will be provided as well as a pick-me-up pizza delivery between 9-10pm.   There will be 4 breaks throughout the event to allow restroom visits, snacking, pizza, etc. 

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