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Trained Dogs, Family Event, and Parent Partnership

On 5/3, we will be having our next FamiliesOnMission event at 6pm (wear camo if you have it)! Ron and Kristi Lambert, along with their dogs Drifter and Izzy, will be sharing about friendship with Jesus (and more!). It will be a great time (sign up here). Having an event with food, Bible, stories, and trained dogs is going to be valuable. We will learn and have fun together. But I am praying that parents will also see how amazing it can be to use your gifts, hobbies, and experiences for the good of your kids.

The Lamberts are good with dogs and they love dogs. God has allowed them to use this to minister to people like us. Did you know that God has given you gifts too? Every parent has skills, hobbies, and experiences that they can use to point their kids to Jesus. Here are some quick examples:

Hiking. If you like to hike, can you bring your kids? What a great time for adventure and conversation, discovery and discussion. Comedy. Do you like humor? Share jokes and funny stories with your kids. And they can share with you too. Maybe you could go see a comedian together. And since comedy often relates to important ideas, could you have opportunities to talk about big things with your kids? I think so. What about fishing? Reading? Working on cars? Gardening? Music?

My wife and I have been leaning into music with our kids a lately. We have found that our kids love Slugs&Bugs, and we love that they learn the Bible through those songs. So, a few weeks ago, we drove three hours with an infant and three-year-old triplets to see a Slugs&Bugs concert. It was work. It took time. But it was worth it. I love music and so we are gently (not forcing things) sharing that love with our kids in a way that directs them toward Christ.

So the Lamberts use their love of their dogs to point to Jesus. We have been using music to point our kids to Jesus. God has gifted you with loves and talents too. How can you use your hobbies and gifts to show Christ to your kids?

Parent Partnership: Wednesday (4/19/23) and Sunday (4/23/23)

Everything a parent/volunteer team-member needs to know about this week is below. You’ll find the Scripture passages, the specific pages in our children’s Bible, the teaching video, and some questions to use at home. We use The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible and RightNowMedia for teaching and Planning Center Services for scheduling.

On Wednesday, we will have KidsOnMission and kids choir. Dinner is $3 for individual kids with a $7 max for families. Kids choir is at 5:15pm (for 5k-5th grade) and KidsOnMission officially starts at 6pm.
  • We will be celebrating through Jesus’ triumph over death (LUKE 24:1-12, JOHN 20:1-23).

On Sunday, there are exciting things happening as well! At 9am, our kids get into the Word in Sunday School. Our kids are under the Word during the Gathering:
  • Preschoolers will continue moving through the The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible. We are looking at Story 16: The Snake on a Stick

  • Elementary students will dig into Philippians 3:17-21. Here is the teaching video and lesson.

Family Prayer Prompt: Lord, help us to trust you. Change us to be more like you. We want to love what you love. We want to have a strong desire to worship you and to follow wherever you lead. Thank you for the cross. Thank you for making a way for sinners to be healed.


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