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Promotion Sunday + Parent Partnership

In just a couple weeks, we will have Promotion Sunday! That’s right, on May 28, there will be some upward movement in our kids’ classes. Here is what you need to know:

  1. Most kids will be entirely unaffected.

  2. 4k-kids will move out of our PreK events to elementary events. At 9am, this means that they’ll join the class in Room 200. They’ll get picked up at 9:50 in the library (right outside of the sanctuary). At 10:15, they will get to stay with their parents for the first part of the worship service. Then when kids are dismissed (before the sermon), they’ll head down to the gym with the other elementary kids. They get picked up there after the service is over.

  3. At 9am, 2nd-graders will no longer be in Room 200, but in Room 201 (across the hall).

  4. At 9am, 5th-graders will not be in Room 201 anymore. Instead, they'll go to the Elevate U classroom downstairs. And, at 10:15, they will get to stay in the service with their kids for the whole time.

Remember that this transition happens on May 28.

For parents, I want to reiterate the importance of what you do. Please make the most of our Parent Partnership info each week (see this week’s below). This is one of the big ways that we resource you to be the best, most consistent, most effective at what God has called you to do: make disciples in your home.

Have questions about Promotion Sunday or Parent Partnership? Email me at

Parent Partnership: Sunday (5/21/23)

Everything a parent/volunteer team-member needs to know about this week is below. You’ll find the Scripture passages, the specific pages in our children’s Bible, the teaching video, and some questions to use at home. We use The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible and RightNowMedia for teaching and Planning Center Services for scheduling.

On Sunday, exciting things are happening! At 9am, our kids get into the Word in Sunday School. Our kids are under the Word during the Gathering:

Family Prayer Prompt: God, we know that you can help us faithfully do whatever you call us to do. With your power, we can obey. We can serve. We can forgive. We can tell others about you. We can stand up for what is right. This is not because we are great, but because you are great!


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