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Parent Partnership: Wednesday (12/28/22) and Sunday (1/1/23)

Everything a parent needs to build on what we teach at church this week is here. You’ll find the Scripture passages, the specific pages in our children’s Bible, the teaching video, and some questions to use at home. Thanks for leading your kids into the Word of God. Read with them. Pray with them. It will matter. (Tools we use: The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible is available at the Faith@Home wall for $5. And RightNowMedia is free!)

Volunteer team-members can find lessons and other specifics by logging into Planning Center Services. Once you’ve logged in, just click the date you are serving, and you will find everything you need.

— — — — — — — — —

On Wednesday, we don’t have Kids on Mission this week. But we will be back at 6pm on 1/4/23. Dinner is $3 for individual kids with a $7 max for families. Even though we aren’t meeting at the church building this week, I am praying for you as you minister in your homes and with your families.

On Sunday, there are a few exciting things happening!

  • At 9am, there is Sunday School for preschool and 5k-2nd grade kids. However, the 3rd-5th grade class will join their parents in a whole-church reflection time in the gym.

  • During the Gathering, the preschoolers will start a whole year of moving through the The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible. We are looking at Story 1 (pages 2-7) which highlights important elements from Genesis 1:1-2:3. And the elementary students in the Kids Gathering will dig into 1 John 4:7-12 (Jesus Became One of Us). You can see our teaching video here.

Questions for Families to Discuss (before/after Sunday):

  • God has shown us his love in many amazing ways! How can we see his love in the world He has given to us? How can we see his love through what He did for us on the cross?

  • How can we show God’s love to other people around us (on our teams, in our schools, in our families, etc.)? How can we share the truth of the gospel with those people too?

Family Prayer Prompt: Lord, you are the giver of life. You made our world. You made us. No one is as awesome as you! And you entered the world you made to live the life we couldn’t live and die the death we deserved. You rose again so that we can know that anyone who believes in you can live with you forever! Help us to love and thank and worship you more and more.


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