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One Thing You Need to Know + Parent Partnership (2/15/23 and 2/19/23)

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

"It's a Good Problem" and Being the Solution

Our church is growing! Lots and lots of families are coming. And we love it! Over the past year, we have added a new nursery area, moved our elementary-age event to our biggest room, and (this month) upgraded our check-in software to account for more kids. Growth means change. And as God provides more families for discipleship, we believe that He is also providing the team to do that discipling. He is faithful.

Speaking of this growth, I’ve heard numerous people say, “It’s a good problem.” You can be part of the solution. Could it be that God is showing his faithfulness by bringing you to serve?

Kids need love. Kids need supervision. Kids need someone to read to them. Kids need a high-fiver. A song-leader. A big buddy. A teacher. A prayer-leader. And the list can go and on. But I want to let you know: our kids need people like you.

Here is one concrete need: our preschool population on Sundays has grown from around 30 to around 45. This is huge growth and we need to add a new class as soon as possible. We have the space. We have the curriculum. We have the toys. And I believe that we have the team of volunteers… you just haven’t signed up yet.

If you are someone who would be willing to serve once a month, on Sundays, during the Gathering, please click this link and sign up here. It will take you about 15 minutes. You can see our passion and vision, our safety and systems, and the role that you could play.

We are growing. God is doing something. Want to join in? The church needs you.

Parent Partnership: Wednesday (2/15/23) and Sunday (2/19/23)

Everything a parent/volunteer team-member needs to know about this week is below. You’ll find the Scripture passages, the specific pages in our children’s Bible, the teaching video, and some questions to use at home. We use The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible and RightNowMedia for teaching and Planning Center Services for scheduling.

On Wednesday, we will have KidsOnMission! Dinner is $3 for individual kids with a $7 max for families. Kids choir is at 5:15pm (for 5k-5th grade) and KidsOnMission officially starts at 6pm with pasta this week.
On Sunday, there are exciting things happening as well! At 9am, our kids get into the Word in Sunday School. Our kids are under the Word during the Gathering:
  • Preschoolers will continue moving through the The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible. We are looking at Story 8: Joseph’s Brothers Sell Him (Gen 37; 39-45; 50:20).

  • Elementary students will dig into Philippians 1:3-6. Here is the teaching video and lesson.

Questions for Families to Discuss (before/after Sunday):
  • God gives joy to his people. Does that mean that things will always be easy or go the way we want them to go?

  • Joseph (in the Old Testament) and Paul (in the New Testament) were put in prison for obeying God. Can we still have joy in prison? Can we still have joy when things aren’t fair?

  • We know that even what the enemy intends for evil, God plans for good. He is in control of everything. How does it make you feel to know that the God who is in charge of everything cares about you and your joy?

Family Prayer Prompt: God, sometimes things don’t go the way we want. Please help us to trust you and have joy even in the hard times. Help us to remember that you are always with your people and you are always in control. We want to trust you more and more because we know that will help us remember the joy we can have in you.


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