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Let’s Do This Together: Preschool Parent Partnership 2023

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

When you walk into the sanctuary, you might notice that the Faith@Home wall is pretty focused on a particular resource — The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible. This is because we are going to be using this Bible as the basis for our Sunday preschool curriculum. The book contains 52 gospel-centered lessons from the Bible. We will be doing one each week with the preschoolers. But here is the biggest thing: we want you to do it with us!

So to make that happen, we are selling those Bibles for $5 each (please on take one per family). They currently cost $26.71 on Amazon, so this is a good deal! But more important than the cost is the investment. When you read the Bible with your kids at home, you are shaping them. And you are making more of an impact than you might think. According to Lifeway Research, reading the Bible with your kids is the #1 thing you can do to help them continue in the faith as adults! Only one thing can be the #1 thing, and that is why this is the next key step as we move forward in our Faith@Home plan.

So, how can you get one? Just drop $5 into the offering box at the back of the sanctuary and grab your Bible. Then, you can start using it at home at the end of 2022. Maybe do a Christmas reading from it. Maybe incorporate it into your bedtime routine. But don’t just leave it in the trunk of your car :)

Starting in the New Year, we will begin at Lesson One and read the Bible together for the year. Our goal is that each week, what happens at church will line up with what happens in the home. And Jesus will be better known and loved in both places.

There is more to come about our Elementary Parent Partnership for 2023, so keep your eye out for that next. But if you're curious, you might find a clue in the picture.


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