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Advent is the four-week lead-up to Christmas, which helps us to celebrate Christmas not as a day but as a season. Advent means “coming” - and so Christmas is a season in which we literally re-enact the anticipation of the coming of the Messiah with millennia compressed into weeks. While our culture has added many ornaments to it, at it’s heart, Christmas is a celebration of the advent or coming of the Messiah, so that God is now Immanuel - or God with us. Americans typically enjoy a tree and music and food and of course gifts to celebrate the advent of the Messiah. As Christians, we can utilize this season to remind us not only of his past advent, but his future advent.


There are many ways to celebrate, here are a few...

2021 Advent Concert (virtual)

2020 Advent Concert (virtual)


Family Advent Devotionals

Jesse tree devotional and family craft from Ann Voskamp (we are doing this)- we printed out all the pages and read them each night as a family, then the kids find the appropriate decoration (all pictures from the OT of Christ) and hang it on our tree.

For families with younger children, we really enjoyed The Advent Book – daily readings with "pop up" windows to see what's happening in the Christmas story.

"How to Observe Advent as a Family" Podcast

In this insightful episode of the Dad Tired Podcast, host Jerrad Lopes sits down with Danielle Hitchen, author and founder of Catechesis Books, to delve into the meaningful celebration of Advent. As a mother of three, Danielle brings a unique perspective on how families can deeply engage with this sacred season through the lens of The Gospel.

Free media for adults and students

Books for adults and students

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