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Interested in Teaching?
  • Pray for wisdom!
  • Discuss the idea with Adam (843.250.9988) to confirm it
  • Recruit another teacher (or 2?) to serve alongside you
  • Consider the goal, i.e. how the course equips – primarily head, heart or hands
  • Develop a course based on an 8 or 16 week cycle
  • Determine the specific dates of the course, order any needed materials
  • Email the outline and course summary (paragraph for promotion) to Adam
  • Go and equip – fill up the gearbags!


Fall 2017
Sept. 10 – Oct. 29

What they Don’t Teach You in Sunday School (1 Cor. 9 and 10)
Dave Maxham, Adam Richardson, Jonathan McKnight

What do you do when the Bible is silent on a subject? How do I balance my life and all the responsibilities in a way that is pleasing to God? How do I make decisions in these situations according to His plan?  

This class will explore how the competing demands of life can cause our lives to seem out of balance. We’ll discuss how two very godly pursuits can be in conflict in the everyday world we live in. By mapping out our stations or callings in 7 areas of our lives we will discuss a biblical matrix for resolution. Based on 1st Corinthians 9 & 10 we will explore a strategy that will help us resolve these conflicts and find a God pleasing balance.

The Women's Class
Pam Clemons, Sandy Richardson, Carolyn Young & Kathie Koerwer
Room 100

We will be studying the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn, which is an in depth look at what Heaven will be like according to the Scripture.  Ordinarily, if you are getting ready to take a trip, you do a good bit of study about the place to which you are going.  You find out all you can about your destination before you embark upon your trip.  That's what we will be doing in the Women's Class this fall.  We will seriously get into the Scripture to find out all there is to know about this place called Heaven, which the Lord has promised that He is preparing for us.  What will we do there?  Who will we see?  What is the weather like?  What are the main attractions?  How do we get there?  Is it a real place or is it just out there somewhere?  Great questions ... all which have fascinating answers!

Spiritual Leadership:  A Quest for Understanding my Purpose on Earth            
Reeves Cannon & Bo Myers Sept.-Oct. (8 weeks)
Room 110

This 8-week experience is about understanding why you are on earth and how to fulfill the mission God has uniquely created you for.  We will explore such questions as:  Are we all called to be Spiritual Leaders or is that reserved for the 'super saint's'?  If I am a called to be a spiritual leader how do I get ‘there’?  What areas of life need spiritual leaders?  Come and stretch yourself as we explore these questions and many more in this challenging, but encouraging 8-week experience.

Hebrews - Moving Towards Spiritual Maturity
Ron Bennett
Room 101

In Hebrews we embrace the truths that we have a faith based on:
A Superior Person – Christ,
A Superior Priesthood - Melchizedek
A Superior Principle – Faith

We will be starting in Chapter 6 as we continue a verse by verse study in this wonderful book.