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11 Things I Am Thankful For

Among many other things, I am thankful that…

1) When Sunday-helpers are sick, someone else steps up even when it’s inconvenient.

2) A number of people were willing to sign up to serve with babies and kids on Christmas Eve.

3) 5k-1st grade kids pray with faith that God will answer.

4) Parents tell me about how they are praying with and for their kids.

5) Teammates look for opportunities to encourage kids with the gospel.

6) Adults do glamorless things like: change diapers, take out trash, get sneezed on, clean up messes, and take kids to the bathroom… because the gospel is worth it.

7) Many parents are working to teach the faith to their kids.

8) Sunday School teachers prep, and pray, and invest in our kids.

9) Husbands serve with their wives because they see value in kids and discipleship.

10) Our Wednesday night team is consistent and caring.

11) God has used his powerful Word to change lives.



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