Preparing for Worship- December 8, 2019


Hymns and Songs:

1.  O Come all Ye Faithful:

2.  Hark, the Herald Angels Sing:

3.  Sing we the Song of Emmanuel:



Ecclesiastes 7:15-29

Please read and reflect on this passage for Sunday.



Coffee with Grandpa 2: What’s the point of wisdom if it doesn’t get you anywhere? Actually – it does – for example it helps you with the real metaphorical woman in V26…


Pray for our Leaders:
Preaching: Adam Richardson

Advent Candle: The Brooks Family

Kid’s Moment: Tari Dean
Scripture Reading: Nancy Kennebeck
Leading in Prayer: Adam Richardson
Leading in Praise: Daniel Miles



ECCLESIASTES 7 study text (

PAUL TRIPP’S 5-min summary of Ecclesiastes

VIDEO: Ecclesiastes doodled (Bible Project)

December 8 sermon