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Church at Sandhurst

Spring 2020 Sandhurst U

Men’s Class-  Meets in room 208. They are currently working through the book Dauntless seeking to apply the Biblical truths from the book to their life.  This class is led by Eric Crowley.

Women’s Class -  Meets in the Fellowship Hall.  The Gospel Project is a curriculum designed by Life Way that takes its learners through all 66 books of the Bible.  This semester the class is working through the book of Revelation.  This class is led by Pam Clemons.

Financial Peace - Meets in room 108.  8-10am. Click here for more info.

Adult Co-Ed class - This class meets in room 103 and is led by Ron Bennett and Fred Cannon.  Ron and Fred take the class through a verse by verse study of 2 Thessalonians and James and seek to apply its teaching to their lives.

Embracing Missions Today - Meets in room 213. Led by Greg Stuckey.

Bible for Teachers - Meets in room 109. Led by Will Rutt. Requires pre-class one-day conference on January 4.