Elijah at Mount Carmel – I Kings 18-19

This story is one of the clearest depictions of good versus evil, of the One True God versus false gods, in all of Scripture. The moral of the story is that Jehovah God wins – every time. It’s a really good story to remind ourselves of, especially when we’re in the middle of a battle. At various points in this story, it isn’t obvious who is going to win. In fact, early in the story, Elijah challenges the people to choose a side, but they stand silent, unable to choose. It’s obvious they have no conviction about who represents the winning side, but by the end of the day, there is no question that Jehovah God is the victor. Now, more than ever, we need kids (and adults) who will stand for truth and for Jehovah, people who will overcome and persevere to the end.

Activity – What Would You Choose? – Life is one choice after another. Let’s practice making some choices. Have kids start in the middle of the room. Ask kids, “What would you choose?” As you say each choice, point to one side of the room or the other. Have kids move to the side that represents what they would choose.

  • Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?
  • Snickers or Kit-kats?
  • Coke or Pepsi?
  • Baseball or soccer?
  • Clemson or Carolina?
  • Carowinds or Disney World?
  • Beach or mountains?
  • Rich or poor?
  • Hamburgers or hotdogs?

(Coloring sheets available during discussion time).

*In our story today, Elijah asked the Israelites to choose between the One, True Jehovah God and the false Baal god. Can you believe that the people couldn’t decide??? Why was this such a hard decision for the people?

  • Their evil king Ahab had been teaching them for years to serve Baal instead of God.
  • Baal was a rain god. If they angered him, they feared that there would be NO rain. And yet, it hadn’t rained for 3 Years (!!). Elijah was claiming that God controlled the rain, not Baal. Could they believe Elijah?
  • The people didn’t trust that God was who He said He was. Who do you believe God is?

*By the end of the day, the people declared that “the Lord – He is God!” Elijah experienced God in all His power that day as God so dramatically proved that He is better than Baal. 

*Soon afterwards, God showed Elijah that although He is more powerful than any other god, He doesn’t usually choose to use His power to speak to people. Instead, He speaks in a still, small voice. Have you ever heard God’s still, small voice calling to you to follow Him?

*Notice how God meets every need of Elijah – physically, spiritually and emotionally. How have you seen God meet your needs?

Additional questions:

What did you learn about God/Jesus?

  • God can overcome any god and any obstacle.
  • God is more powerful than anyone or anything.
  • God turns people’s hearts towards Himself.
  • God wants His people to choose Him with their whole hearts.
  • God is patient with us when we are tired and discouraged.
  • God can respond to us with power, but He chooses most often to speak gently.
  • God provides helpers when we are discouraged.
  • God sees every single person who serves Him.

What did you learn about people?

  • People often do not choose to serve God with their whole hearts, but God can turn their hearts back to Him.
  • People, even those who serve God faithfully, can feel discouraged, tired and fearful, but God will meet all their needs.

What did you learn about yourself?

  • I want to serve God with my whole heart.
  • I want to hear and obey God’s still, small voice.