Hannah & Samuel – I Samuel 1-3

How GREAT is our God! If it were up to us to make this point, we might plan something showing God’s great power or something very majestic! In the opening chapters of I Samuel, however, God takes a very different approach, a much better approach. Just look at the ways God’s greatness is written into this story:

  • God stoops to listen to the cries of a barren woman, and He blesses her with a child, who becomes one of God’s greatest messengers of all times. God is still the same. He stoops to hear the cries of our hearts, too.
  • God knows our names, and He pursues us. God called Samuel, not the other way around. He called not once, not twice, not three, but four times. He knows us and calls to us, too. Have we and our kids heard Him calling our names? How have we responded?
  • God demonstrates perfect righteousness and justice. Although it may seem that people are getting away with evil, they never will because God sees all, and He will judge unrighteousness. His judgments are always right. Notice that He warned Eli of His coming judgement, but Eli seems to have done nothing about it. Neither he nor his sons repented of their sins. God’s justice demands that our sins be punished by death. If not for Jesus, who paid for the death we deserve, we would all be judged like the sons of Eli.

Game – Messenger – seat kids in a circle. Start a message by whispering it to one person, who whispers it to his neighbor, who whispers it to his neighbor, etc. until the message has been passed around the circle. Share Gospel messages! Then, discuss:

  • Samuel was a messenger for God. What was the first message he had to share? That punishment was coming for Eli and his sons
  • How did Samuel feel about having to share this message? Scared; he didn’t want to tell Eli
  • God has also given us a message to share. What is it? The Gospel – that people are sinners and deserve to die; that Jesus already died to pay our sin penalty because He loves us; that each of us has to decide whether we will accept Jesus’ gift of forgiveness
  • Have you ever tried to share this message with anyone? How did you feel?
  • How do we know God’s messages to us? By reading the Bible and praying; read 2 Tim 3:16-17 
  • The Bible tells us that when we open our hearts to Jesus, we are given the Holy Spirit, who helps us understand God’s message to us. Consider sharing a time the Holy Spirit helped you remember something or understand something.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Additional questions:

What did you like about this story?

What didn’t you like?

What did you learn about God?

  • God creates us with a purpose and a plan.
  • God seeks for us and calls us to Himself.
  • God will judge sin.
  • God gives us opportunities to repent from our sin.

What did you learn about people?

  • People can cry out to God and tell Him about their disappointments and sadness.
  • People are called by God.
  • People have opportunities to repent.

What did you learn about yourself?

  • I want to hear God’s voice and obey.
  • I want to repent when God shows me my sin.