Red Sea Crossing – Exodus 13 - 15

“Who among the gods is like our God? He is majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, and working wonders.” In this passage, we see a picture of God’s unfailing love, His strength, His guidance, and His tender compassion for His people. He tenderly leads the Israelites into the desert rather than to the main highway to ensure that they would avoid war with the Philistines; He gives them a night light each night and a sun covering each day (the fire and cloud of His presence); and contrary to what we might think God would do for people He loves, He leads them straight into an impossible situation to give them a front row seat for the battle that was coming with the Egyptians. Our God does not shield us from difficult situations, but He leads us towards them because He knows that in the end, these experiences become faith-boosters! Notice that through this experience, even the Egyptians had the opportunity to embrace truth - “and the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord (Ex. 13:18).” 

Don’t miss how the Israelites react to this situation; first, they are accusatory towards God and Moses, and they doubt God’s care and concern for them. Most sin starts with our doubting God’s good intentions for us. Instead, we should remind ourselves of the many ways God has cared for us in the past (think of the plagues and the Passover), and we should cry out to God. In this passage, we see God’s patience with doubts. He said to the Israelites, and He says to us, “Watch and see what I will do!” In the end, the Israelites responded by fearing God and worshipping Him. These are attitudes we need to adopt as well.


  • Activity Red Sea Craft - Give each kid a sheet of brown and half-sheet (cut lengthwise) of blue construction paper. Have kids cut the sheet of blue paper in half. Kids should lay the blue pieces on the brown construction paper so the edges of the blue paper meet in the middle of the brown paper. Then, kids will glue the outside edges of the blue paper to the brown paper so that the blue paper can fold up to simulate the waters parting and returning. On the brown sheet of paper, under the flaps of blue paper, kids can draw the Egyptians and their chariots. On the “bank of the sea,” kids can draw the Israelites. As kids work on this, discuss questions below. Can any of the kids use their craft to re-tell the story?

2. DISCUSS THE STORY (some possible answers in italics)

What did you like about this passage?

What didn’t you like about this passage?

What do you learn about God from this passage? 

- Our God is powerful.

- Our God wants to show us who He is and what He can do for us.

- Our God is patient.

- God can protect His people.

- Although God is patient, He will eventually bring judgement on those who refuse to submit to HIm.

- Our God will use even difficult, scary situations to teach people to fear and worship Him.

What do you learn about people from this passage?

- When trouble comes, people often blame God and doubt that He has good plans for them.

- People may fear and worship God when they see His power.

- People bless God by remembering His wonderful deeds and singing about them.


What do you learn about yourself from this story?

- I want to trust God no matter my circumstances.

- I want to be a God-worshippper.

- I want my first response to trouble to be: remember what God has done in the past, cry out to God, and  trust that He has a good plan for me.