Regather/Phase 2 video:

                                                             Sandhurst Limited Reopening Letter (2)

Hello Sandhurst family – as we begin the reopening phases, the elders continue to meet and pray and discuss what this should look like. We love you all and want to care for you like Christ would His church! After all - we are a family. And we remain unified even when apart. Yes with each other – and yes most of all with our God, Who named HimSelf after his continual presence with us – Immanuel – God with us.

We are continuing in phase one of the limited reopening – and we wanted to clarify the current safety measures for now: 

> Social distancing: every other row; households sit together w/2 seat separation

> Touchless: please love your neighbor with space

> Masks: NOT requiring masks, though we are providing them for those who need them.

> One group: no Sunday school or kids programs

> Sick and vulnerable: we love you – please stay home!

Please don’t feel pressured to return but do what your condition and conscience allow. I was on a call with Gov. McMaster and other church leaders recently, and he thanked us for our caution, and gave his blessing to return as we saw fit. And Sandhurst is not alone – in early May I was on a call with 30 area pastors, and most churches in Florence county are beginning a phased, limited regathering in late May. 

This is not a quick return to normalcy – we recognize it will be a long road of recovery, but we are starting down that road. While there are many opinions on how to do that, this is the plan our elders have laid out. We ask and pray for a spirit of grace and humility for those who think differently. 

We assume most will remain at home during this phase and so we will broadcast live from a single 10:15 service Sunday. We are also open if some want to come to a limited, touchless service. For questions you can write the or me personally at 

We love you all and are with you every step – Adam and the Sandhurst Elder Board