Joseph Sent to Egypt – Genesis 37

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a situation where you wondered if God was paying attention to what was going on? Maybe you wondered if He cared about you? Certainly Joseph must have struggled with some of these feelings as his charmed life turned upside down. As the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years ticked by in captivity, surely Joseph’s beliefs about God were challenged. Yet we know that God most certainly had not forgotten about Joseph; instead, He was positioning Joseph to be a central player in His plan to grow Abraham’s family into a mighty nation, and ultimately to bring His Son Jesus into the world. God always is faithful to bring glory to Himself and to care for His people.


  • Activity Color the Story – let kids draw pictures, depicting scenes from the story as you discuss the story

2. DISCUSS THE STORY (some possible answers in italics)

  • What did you like about this passage?

  • What didn’t you like about this passage?

  • What do you learn about God from this passage? 

- God never promises that His people won’t experience trouble and hardship. In fact, He promises that in this world, we will have troubles.

- God knows when we are scared, and He cares.

- God can bring good from the worst of situations.

- God wants us to trust Him, no matter what is happening in our lives.

  • What do you learn about people from this passage?

- People are sometimes prideful, jealous and mean.

- People whom we love might disappoint us.

- When people lie, bad things happen.


  • What do you learn about yourself from this story?

- When bad things happen, I need to remember that God is still in control, and He has a plan.

3. SHARE - Have you ever walked through a situation where you wondered if God was still in control? If you have time, consider sharing your story with your kids. How did you see God’s faithfulness and omnipotence?