God’s Promise to Isaac – Genesis 25:19 - 26:35

This story may feel like “deja vu.” Does any of this sound familiar? A man waits for his wife to get pregnant while the years tick by, and all the time, God promises the man descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky. God also promises land and blessings. God tested Abram years earlier and now is testing Isaac’s level of belief and trust by allowing both of them to experience barren wives and famine. Just as He did earlier with Abraham, God confirmed His promises to Isaac, and what a relief those promises must have been!

It’s the same for us. Even if our parents have a relationship with Jesus, we must individually navigate the faith path and be convinced of the truths of God for ourselves. While Isaac did embrace a faith in God for himself, it appears that only one of his own sons grew to value what was important to God. Our children are in the middle of that conflict - to either embrace God’s truth for themselves or to turn away. You are a part of your children’s story as you prayerfully present truth to them and challenge them to consider what it means for them.


  • Activity Starry Sky Art - give child a piece of black paper and a toothpick. Place paper flat on the carpet and push toothpicks through paper to create constellations. Then let kids shine a flashlight behind paper towards ceiling. (Turn out the lights so you can see the constellations). How do you think Isaac was feeling before God reminded him of His promise to give him descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky? How was he feeling afterwards? Why is it important to remember God’s promises? Can you think of any promises God has made to you?

2. DISCUSS THE STORY (some possible answers in italics)

  • What did you like about this passage?

  • What didn’t you like about this passage?

  • What do you learn about God from this passage? 

- God always keeps His promises.

- God understands that we need to be reminded of His promises.

- God speaks to people individually.

- God uses hardship to get our attention and to teach us about Himself and about ourselves.

- God uses unlikely people to complete His plan. (The culture at that time would have expected the older son to be the most important and to carry on the family legacy).

  • What do you learn about people from this passage?

- People must choose to pursue things that matter to God.

- People’s hearts are the most important thing to God.

- People learn about God through their experiences and through things God says.


  • What do you learn about yourself from this story?

- I must choose to believe what God says about Himself and about me.

- God wants me to care about the things that matter to Him.

- God wants me to believe what He says.

- God wants my heart to belong totally to Him.