Isaac and Rebekah – Genesis 24

This story is a good reminder of God’s tender care and concern for all the details of our lives. Abraham was concerned about passing the baton of faith to his son and future generations, but how could there be future generations without a wife for Isaac? And how would those future generations grasp God’s vision and purpose for their family if their mother was a pagan Canaanite or if Isaac returned to the family home back East? Abraham’s concerns were very real and very big. He was too old and feeble to script a solution to the problem himself, so he delegated the solving of the problem to a trusted servant, who turned to prayer. Prayer is the means of casting our concerns and worries on the Lord, based on our conviction that He truly does care for us.


  • Game – Magnet Play – Give child some paper clips, a magnet, and a piece of cardstock. Place some paper clips on the cardstock. Then hold the magnet under the cardstock and move the paper clips around. Ask kids how the magnet is like prayer. (The magnet - prayer - changed the position of the paper clips even without touching them. Prayer changes us. It changes our focus and helps us to tune into the mind of God). How do you think prayer changed people in this story of Abraham, Isaac, Eliezer, and Rebekah? It made Eliezer lead-able so that he approached the right girl; it made Rebekah’s family, and especially Rebekah, receptive to Eliezer’s offer.

  • Coloring - let kids color as you discuss story.

2. DISCUSS THE STORY (possible answers in italics)

  • What did you like about this passage?

  • What didn’t you like about this passage?

  • What do you learn about God from this passage? 

- God cares about what we need.

- God wants us to bring our requests to Him.

- God can cause all the details of our lives work together for our good.

  • What do you learn about people from this passage?

- People must be creative and thoughtful as they figure out how to achieve the purposes God created them for.

- People should talk to God about their worries and concerns.

- People, who know God cares for them, pray with great belief.


  • What do you learn about yourself from this story?

- I must remember how much God cares for me and pray about EVERYTHING!

- I must be aware of the ways God is working all around me.