God Created the World – Gen. 1


This is a familiar passage, but what profound truths emanate from this one chapter! The world was created to bring glory to God; each of us was lovingly planned and created by the God of the universe; our God gives good gifts to His children; God invented diversity; God created the rhythms of life - day and night and the seasons. Reflecting on these truths causes praise to well up in my heart. What a good, good Father we serve!!




Activity - Drawing Your Favorites - let kids draw pictures of their favorite parts of God’s creation. Ask them to think about something which they believe tells the world how awesome God is. Give them some examples to think about: a sunset proclaims God’s beauty; the delicate parts of a flower proclaim God’s attention to detail; the bald uakari monkey tells us God has a sense of humor! 


Variation: play Pictionary but ask kids to draw their favorite part of God’s creation as others guess what they are drawing. Ask kids what that part of creation tells them about God. (ie: He is powerful; He is beautiful; He is gentle; He has a sense of humor, etc.).


2. DISCUSS THE STORY (while kids draw - some possible answers are in italics)


  • What did you like about this passage?


  • What didn’t you like about this passage?


  • What did you learn about God today?

God is powerful. He is creative. He has a sense of humor. (Have you seen some of the animals He made???) God is caring and giving. God is uber-good! (He didn’t have to create SO MUCH wonderful stuff, but He did!) 


  • What did you learn about people from this passage?

Each person reflects something about God because each person was created in God’s image. God gave people a wonderful world to enjoy.


  • What did you learn about yourself?

I am created in God’s image, so there is something in me that reflects God. I was created to serve and obey God.