Hey Sandhurst – 
The Church has left the building!
Ultimately, Sandhurst is MORE THAN A BUILDING – WE ARE the church!

We are living in crazy times.
Schools closed. Jobs shifted. Normalcy out. Uncertainty in. 
BUT GOD – sees. Knows. Cares. Leads. Heals. Redeems. Rules!
He’s still the King of the universe and still has the whole world in His hands!

English general Oliver Cromwell said, “Keep your faith in God – and keep your powder dry.”
Our faith is in God, AND we will use wisdom and caution for the good of all.
And so the main question for Sandhurst going forward is how to best love our neighbor. 


> MEETINGS: All official Sandhurst gatherings are cancelled until further notice. We encourage you to connect remotely to those in your small groups. We are the church scattered but united!
> SUNDAY: we will not have a live gathered worship service, but will broadcast on Sandhurst.net. * Consider gathering as life groups (recommended less than 10) or as several households for fellowship and worship. Or weather-permitting – move the event outside and host your own outdoor sing and devotional gathering. Get creative!


Trust God (spiritual) “In God I trust and am not afraid” (Ps 56:4). Read the Psalms – as the Psalmist wrested with many struggles, fears and trials. All the Psalms are good, but a few to note for this season – Psalm 1, 18, 20, 23, 27, 34, 46, 62, 63, 90, 91, 103, 121, 130, 142. Make sure that God’s Word is forming your outlook – not the headlines.

Be sensible (physical) Limit physical exposure. Wash your hands and avoid touching your face. Avoid unnecessary physical contact with individuals outside your household. Care for your body. Eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise. Sleep matters!

Limit News Overexposure (mental) Sensational news stories can perpetuate unnecessary anxiety. Avoid getting news from social media!


Keep Serving! Don’t just “hole up” and care for yourself – reach out to neighbors and family, especially seniors! Start with the immediate (“How are you doing with the virus?”) but move on to the normal (“How’s the rest of life!”). Offer grocery or garbage runs. When we offer ourselves to serve others, everyone wins – and we are living in the image of God.

Keep singing! (etc….) Pursue your delights. Woodworking. Walking. Reading. Axe throwing. 
Love music? Check out Sandhurst Spotify Playlists:
> Sandhurst Kids (K5-6th grade)

Keep giving! Keep receiving God’s good gifts. Keep giving back to God. He continues to provide – we continue to give. For those who consider Sandhurst home, you can give online here.


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> For news on the virus:

> For updates at Sandhurst: www.sandhurst.net, instagram: @sandhurst1140


> Reach out to Hello@sandhurst.net or prayer@sandhurst.net
> For individual staff:

*As of Wednesday, April 1, the elders have requested that the church staff work from home as much as possible.  While there will be essential tasks that require the staff to gather, the majority of the week the staff will be working from home.  Therefore, if you need assistance please reach out to the staff via email (see below) or call the church at 843-662-2021 and one of the pastors will call you as soon as possible.
For KidsTari.Dean@sandhurst.net
For StudentsWill.Rutt@sandhurst.net
Counsel / logisticsReeves.Cannon@sandhurst.net

On behalf of the elders and staff – we love you and are with you!