This Week at Sandhurst video

Hymns and Songs:
1.  We Will Feast in the House of Zion

2.  Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery

3.  O Praise the Name



Matthew 11:1-6

Please read and reflect on this passage for Sunday.


Opioid addiction is a pandemic. No longer are addicts on the fringe – they are us. Addiction is more like a bomb than bullet – so many are impacted. The church must respond. THIS SUNDAY– join us while Ken Ard and his son Jesse tell their story of being trapped and freed. And what we at Sandhurst can do, by the power of the gospel, to bring hope and freedom to the hopeless and trapped.


Pray for our Leaders:

Preaching: Adam Richardson

Scripture Reading: Lois Blanco
Leading in Praise: Daniel Miles



How the church can love and care for opioid addicts

America’s Epidemic – and how the church can answer

Challenges of a church-based addiction ministry

Introduction – rethinking church addiction ministry

March 1, 2020 sermon