Worship preparation for February 16, 2020:

This Week at Sandhurst video

Worship songs:

1. O Worship the King

2. How Great is our God

3. Yet Not  I But Through Christ in Me

4. Jesus Paid it All

Text: Ecclesiastes 9:13-10:20

Poise under fire: Rumor has it that John Wayne said, “Life is hard - it’s harder if you’re stupid.” We all get that, but what happens when life hurts when you’re wise? and good? I can hear Wayne saying, “That ain’t right.” But it’s a fact. Wisdom is good and helpful, but it does not deliver immunity. This Sunday, Ecclesiastes will teach us about how life is - not how we wish it were. You will need this someday...



ECCLESIASTES 10 study text (stepbible.org)

DIG ANOTHER WELL” (song) by Paul Overstreet

February 16, 2020 sermon