Closer Together. Closer to Christ

Life Groups at Sandhurst are a place where relationships are built and strengthened around fellowship, study, discussion, and prayer. We call this our “Share, Care, Prayer Focus.” The ultimate goals of our Life Groups are to draw people closer to Christ as they grow closer to one another.

Our Life Groups meet at various times throughout the week and some meet at the church, while others meet at different homes.

Groups have different focuses, but each group includes fellowship, study, discussion, and prayer. Groups are comprised of a few Life Group Leaders and most groups are around 8 to 16 individuals. Each group has a unique focus and feel, with some groups focusing on discussion topics provided by the church, while others read theological books and engage in chapter discussions. Some groups are focused on fellowship, while other groups are more focused on study and discussion. Some groups are open to all people and ages, while others are only open to people in certain phases of life or who share similar interests. All of our groups are encouraged to build relationships and draw people to Christ.

Contact the church office or Reeves Cannon to get plugged in!

(843) 662-2021