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After growing up in Macon, GA, Adam spent 17 years serving in Russia with Moscow Bible Church locally and training pastors nationally. He met his wife Heather there, also serving in mission both in Moscow and Siberia. In 2011 the Richardsons moved to England for PhD studies and to continue in overseas mission. Adam received his BA from Vanderbilt (Russian, English), his MA from Dallas Theological Seminary (Biblical Studies), and his PhD from the University of Leicester (History), a study of the life and works of the 17th century English minister Thomas Manton. Adam's wife Heather received her BA from Cornell (Education) and her MA from USC in Library and Information Science.

Adam enjoys college football, fishing, baseball, woodworking, grilling, and hiking with Heather, as well asa supporting her in promoting literacy. Adam and Heather were married in 2001 and have three teenagers, which keeps the house hopping.

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