2018 - Year of the Bible at Sandhurst


Hey Sandhurst – Hope the year is off to a great start for you. While the Bible is always the foundation of our life and faith – we’re putting extra focus on it in 2018 as the year of the Bible. The Bible is not just a book of stories or instructions – the Bible is a voice, The Voice of God. When you get a letter from someone – those written words are a graphic of their spoken words. And their spoken words are a graphic of their mind and heart. And so when we read it – we literally have a graphic of the heart and mind of God. The Bible is God speaking, to us – it is His Voice – calling us to journey with Him, telling us about who He is, who we are, where we came from, where we are heading, and how not only to get there – but to get there with courage and joy.

To help us connect with God through His Book, His Word – we have several reading plans for download at, other digital plans pushed straight to your phone –including video overviews of each book from the Bible Project. Some whole Bible, some NT only, some OT only, some go straight through, others skip around. The main thing is to start somewhere and keep going. Keep listening to God through His Word, keep reading, keep praying, keep struggling, keep working through it – God’s Word is a surf so shallow any child can play there AND it’s an ocean so deep that no human will ever reach the bottom. So whether you’re a seasoned veteran of Bible reading or just getting started – in 2018 let’s jump in together and see what happens!


Video Summary of Every Bible Book:

The Bible Project Videos


Reading Plans:

Bible Plan B90X (NT in 90 days)

Bible Plan Bible Project (Whole)

Bible Plan DJ1 (Clover - One Year Bible)

Bible Plan DJ2 (Book at a time - One Year Bible)

Bible Plan DJ3 (5by5 - One Year New Testament)

Bible Plan Genre Based (Gause - Whole Bible)

Bible Plan OT Core Books

Bible Plan OT Core Passages

Bible Plan OT Ultra Core Books


Looking for an app or website to help? Reading Plans

Eat this Book

Old and New

As It Happened (Chronological)

The Bible Project Plan (with Videos)


Got questions about how the Bible was written or how to understand it? Check out these books:

From the Mouth of God

Understanding Scripture


Can I trust the Bible?

Dan Wallace Lecture

Dan Wallace Q&A