At Sandhurst we believe that all members are gifted by God to serve - and we serve most effectively in teams. Ministry Teams are teams that are open to all - call and get started! Service teams are a great way to develop your gifts or even discover new gifts. Service teams are a "hands on" way to live out your faith. They are also a great way to connect with others; in fact, when you leave a church, your service team should miss you! So take a look, reach out and jump in. Don't see your gift represented? Contact Kristi Tellis about rolling out a new team.

Campus Crew
God has provided the family of Christ at Sandhurst with an amazing house – let’s keep it up! Are you handy with tools or maintenance or building – or willing to try? The Campus Crew keeps the buildings and indoor spaces maintained, with the occasional demo and construction project. For info or to help, contact John Hinshelwood.
Creative Arts
God is a designer – and we are made in His image! Our creative arts team recognizes and engages creativity, art and design in the life of the church. As C S Lewis said, “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.” Creativity and art bring beauty and wonder to life – and this team will help bring these to the rest of the family at Sandhurst. For info or to help, contact Jamie Stuckey.
Our use of money reflects our faith in the gospel. While finances are a gift from God; they are also not inherently simple or easy to master. And today there is less and less training and help in an area that is getting no less complex. In response, Sandhurst launched Financial Life at Sandhurst to help us understand the Biblical and practical use of money. Read More
Green Machine
Our campus is amazing and beautiful – and our green machine team is here to make it even better! The Green Machine develops our outdoor spaces and keeps them beautiful. If you have a green thumb or a vision for landscaping or how the Sandhurst family can best use our outdoor space – get in touch! For info or to help contact Dale Locklair or Vickye Hinshelwood.
Sandhurst is known as a loving and welcoming church – and we should be! Our hospitality team keeps that vision happening – welcoming guests and loving family, and helping them go from guest to family! The Sandhurst hospitality team has five sub-teams: parking lot, door greeters, personal connection, follow up, and the Hub. For info or to help contact Sharon Jack or Linda Holmes.
Our increasingly digital world is impacting how we experience church – and our media team keeps us on top of it. From sanctuary sound and light team (SALT) and soundboard, to IT and web storage to website and blogs and social media – there is a wide world of digital church communication. For info or to help, contact Daniel Miles.
Prayer Team
Our diverse body has many diverse needs - serve by lifting others up in prayer! One of the unique aspects of Christianity is that not only we can, but also we are invited into the presence of Almighty God for comfort, courage, hope and healing. Our prayer team prays for people after the Sunday service and throughout the week. To join this team or receive prayer, contact Kandi Smith or text 419.733.4328.
Sonshine Team
 A HUGE blessing to Sandhurst and Florence – our Sonshine team delivers the light and joy of Christ through meals and encouragement to people in need. Whether a new baby, a move, an illness, bereavement or otherwise – our team is ready to bring food to support and encourage. And the simple act of just showing up - with food - is an encouragement indeed, and a clear expression of the gospel of Christ. Team members are on a roster and provide a dish or meal as needs arise. For info, meals, or to help – contact Jo “Ladybug” McLaurin.
Student Ministry Team
From Joseph, David, and Daniel to Ruth, Esther, and Mary, God has been using young people to make an eternal impact….and he hasn’t stopped! Our student ministry team is a group of adults who love God, love students, and use their gifts and talents to make disciple makers, i.e. students who move from consumers, to contributors, to investors! They build relationships, lead small groups, teach the Bible, cook food, plan events, and challenge students to know the gospel, grow in Jesus, and go on mission! For info or to help, contact Will Rutt.