Our logo is a tree.

A tree is LIVING. Our logo has a trunk with leaves, because we are alive in Christ - He is the vine and we are the branches. The trunk is the letter “S” - representing the unity of Sandhurst with Christ. Oak trees produce acorns which in turn can become not only new trees but entire forests of trees. Trees are not only alive but their life can multiply to create new life.

A tree is GROWING. The leaves in our logo are different sizes, because all of our members are unique, and grow at different paces and in different ways and have different gifts. No two leaves on any tree in the world are the same; no two children of God are the same - God is the ultimate Creator!

A tree is ENDURING. The live oaks of South Carolina live on average for 300 years, though the Angel Oak of John’s Island is reportedly 400-500 years old and some oaks reach 1000. The tree is a sign of endurance and strength over time. The “Church” (capital “C”) is 2000 years old, and THIS “church” (little “c”) began in 1985 - a new family with an ancient history. A new(er) branch on the ancient vine of Christ.

A tree is UNIFIED AND DIVERSE. While a tree is “one thing” it is made up of “many things,” with the same sap running through all parts. Though we are all different as individuals, we are united as a family by Christ and in Christ.