At Sandhurst we believe that all members are gifted by God to serve - and we serve most fruitfully in teams. “Leadership Teams” are teams that either require a specific skill or are only open to new members at certain intervals. To participate, contact the leader listed to find out if it’s a fit. Service teams are a great way to develop your gifts or even discover new gifts. Service teams are a “hands on” way to live out your faith. They are also a great way to connect with others; in fact, when you leave a church, your service team should miss you! So take a look, reach out and jump in. Don’t see your gift represented? Contact Kristi Tellis about rolling out a new team.

Finance Team

Financial oversight, openness and integrity are essential in any family - and the Finance Team provides exactly that in the family of Christ at Sandhurst. Our Finance Team consists of three laypeople and two staff, and meets monthly to review and plan spending and stewardship of all resources across all ministries at Sandhurst. Further, the Finance Team maintains industry accounting standards, contracts with a local CPA firm for external audits, and reports to the general congregation once per quarter in addition to an annual open financial meeting. For info contact Fulton Ervin, Finance team Chair or Reeves Cannon, Executive Pastor.

2017 CAS Budget Report

KIDS Ministry Team
Our Kids Ministry Team helps us to keep leveling up our kid-min game through brainstorming, planning, serving and reviewing. This team is a group of parents who aim to meet quarterly to advise on calendar, events and program content. This is consistent with our “family equipping” model – meaning we see kids ministry not only affecting kids but families – to help our kids grow both as individuals and in the context of family. For info contact Tari Dean.
Missions Team
The missions team is the nerve center of missions at Sandhurst - leading in prayer, communication and coordination of our overall missions program. Along with monthly meetings, we review mission funding, connect with missionaries coming through, organize the Missions conference, and oversee the annual mission calendar - which is very active!
Pastoral Care Team
The journey of life has many turns - and we are here to take them all with you. Whether an immediate crisis or a long-term struggle - we are with you! The pastoral care team is available to visit, pray, counsel, or just listen. Please do not suffer silently or alone - let us help! Life groups are the primary pastoral care unit at Sandhurst to care for needs in community, and the pastoral care team works alongside the life groups and leaders. This team also works closely with the Sonshine Team (meals) and Counseling Team. For info or to give or receive help, contact Greg StuckeyLisa Pitsley or Joann "Ladybug" McLaurin.
Security Team

The Sandhurst Security Team is a group of volunteer “Guardians” (1 Chronicles 9:22-23) that have a heart and passion for the safety and security of our family known as the Church at Sandhurst. The goals of this team are to provide a safe place to worship, eliminate fear from all who attend, ensure physical security of the building and its contents, and to coordinate with law enforcement agencies as appropriate to ensure safety of all and for all at Sandhurst.

Click here to read a letter from the Security Team.

Worship Team
God invites us into His presence - and music is a unique and delightful tool to help us celebrate! We are equipping people to lead the gathering in worship and to unite both our voices and our hearts for His glory. The worship team involves many people with different gifts - instruments, vocals and sound board are the main ones. If you enjoy playing or singing - let us know! For info or to help, contact Daniel Miles